victims of sins

who are you and who you want to become, a sinner or a victim?IMG_20190903_174244_069

broken and beautiful

is it me, or the entire generation of millennial can relate to this term “broken and beautiful”.

i related a lot with this term and sometime i even took pleasure for it, obviously i will have cut marks if i was in a fight right?, and haven’t we learnt to showcase these cut marks on our body proudly, oh yes we have .

we love to show our wounds and tell the battle story, its just that are wounded is our mind and soul and the battle ground is our lives.

then came a thought to me why don’t we heel these wound instead of carrying it. and how can we heal it ?

by letting it go!

lets learn today again to forget the past and step into the future with no fears , no burdening story but a beautiful hope.






Guess who am I?

Is just because when you turn on a TV channel and see another candle March, another urge for punishments ,

Another cry for justice,

And on there other hand you here excuses,

And excuses, and excuses

It just a question that popped up in my mind if you didn’t knew their identities , whom you blame , for short dress, time of the day and nightclubs,

Would you feel the same?

It’s trending!!!


When a thing, an idea or an action are cherished by the common folks and then diffused in the world, where it is imitated again and again each time either being same or slightly different,we call it a trend.

Trend setting in not a byproduct of social media or fashion industry as most of us might associate with, it’s been a while since, this baby is around. I am very facinated to say that the whole concept of civilisation is based on the human tendency of following or imitating, instead of creating.

We can imagine prehistoric men and women settled near a waterbody growing crops and Vines and posting , “civilisation is trending”, only if they had Instagram and Facebook at that time.

Moving from the prehistoric to our history, the entire micro classification of history is based on the trends of that time, ‘the clothes that they they wore, the food that they ate, the work that they indulged in, the materials that they used, the art that they pursued, all these trends had added significant characteristics to the identity of different historic eras.

But how a thing, or an idea or an action becomes a trend?

Two factors plays a major role in trend setting. Frist the creator of that idea or thing or action and then the diffuser, who spreads it like a perfume in the air.

Some times both the creator and diffuser is the same person, or organization but most of the times these two are separate entities.

Anyone with something innovative or newness can create a thing that may or may not have the potential to become a trend, that’s why it have become a major part of any organization to do trend forecasting. That is when based on a history and preferences of a group of people we forecast what they might appreciate and imitate, and thus we can design our creation.

And then you need a diffuser, a person or organization which is being looked up to , which is being followed the most. That’s why we see celebraties in all ads on TV and in promotions of a concept, opening off a store or college, as they have a huge radius of diffusion.

If you flip the pages of human existence then you can find kings and queens being the trendsetters, as the rulers and kingdom changed so does the trends, and it left a mark in our history.

Today the social media have become the major player in this industry , ever wondered why big multinational companies are interacting so ,much with social media? It gives anyone and everyone the power to create and set a wave of new trends, but it comes with a negative effect that our trends changes too quickly before it realises its full potential, yet it creates a wide opportunity to to create.

And some trends becomes evergreen which can always be a part of our life.

Let’s create, let’s post ,

Keep it trending!!!!